Blue C Advertising

Blue C Advertising is a full-service advertising agency located in Orange County, CA.  Our capabilities include advertising, branding, media buying, media planning, print production and broadcast production.  

We strongly believe in a well-integrated process because we know no single advertising execution is strong enough to introduce a brand, revitalize a brand, or even just compete in our media-frenzied world.  We feel a company’s brand should speak loud and clear from every possible angle, and at every possible opportunity.  We also believe that advertising and marketing communications should be relevant and rewarding.  Great brands inspire.  We can see results on the horizon.We are a group of creative thinkers, doers and marketers whose goal is to help build your business. 

We are here to get people excited about your brand, your products and your services. To inspire customers not just to look but to react in a positive manner. We want people to have you at the top of their mind. We are naturally curious and will seek specific solutions from the consumer, from the marketplace and from wider cultural trends.

We learn your business. We tell you what we think. We are Blue C Advertising.


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