Trust Agents

UnknownAfter watching Kanye West interrupt Taylor Swift’s winning moment at MTV’s Video Music Awards I couldn’t help but think of the book Trust Agents by Chris Brogan. In the book Brogan discusses “that Guy” and by acting out at the VMA’s Kanye became a perfect example of “that Guy”. He was trusted by the music community and then he let them down, while on the other hand Beyoncé Knowles shined as a Trust Agent by graciously having Taylor Swift come on stage and finish her acceptance speech. How can Kanye West come back and be a Trust Agent? What will the next days bring? What social and monetary value was lost in the three seconds of stage time? Will he ever be trusted to be on stage again? Years will go by and this unnecessary outburst will come up again and again when the VMA’s are talked about. Blue C wishes Taylor Swift a big congratulations on her award.


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