Using Social Media as a Business Process

3429077074_e0ffa7c4e9By Jim Stiles

It’s not huge news that businesses are increasingly tapping into the variety of social media platforms to enhance their customer communications and marketing efforts. However, it is surprising that so many of the experienced marketers have forgotten that this vehicle is far different from traditional media and requires an adjustment to standard advertising practices in order to be effective. 

Truth be told, social media is really a hybrid between advertising, public relations and sales disciplines. Used appropriately it can effectively increase awareness, manage customer perspectives of your brand, quickly push out company news, and establish and maintain communication channels at a very personal level to help with closing deals.

However since these sites all do something a little different from 140 character updates to streaming video to a complete synopsis of user lives, it is important to develop a smart strategy in integrating these vehicles appropriately.

[Involve] Get involved with the target audience at the lifestyle level, become part of their interests as they intersect with your objectives and business strategy

[Create] Meaningful, relevant and valuable content and communications

[Discuss] Directly as well as promote discussions about topical interests, become not just an expert but also a facilitator

[Promote] To gain a foothold you need to be known, integrate traditional advertising and marketing communications with online marketing tactics to form a unified SocioBranding strategy to support your social image

[Measure] Consistent measurement and feedback is critical to keeping the efforts on the right track daily, weekly and monthly.


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