Blue C Develops New Customer Engagement Strategy for Wahoo’s Fish Taco

March 2, 2009 (Newport Beach, CA) – Blue C Advertising announces it has developed a strategic program to increase customer engagement and point-of-sale transactions at Wahoo’s Fish Taco restaurants across California, Colorado and Hawaii.

wahoosWahoo’s Fish Taco’s desire for a better way to communicate with customers in various areas within the restaurant prompted Blue C to create a Zone Communications program that focuses on engaging the customer with the right information, at the right place and right time. The purpose of the program is to educate and persuade the customer to make certain purchasing decisions by the time they reach the ordering counter, while forming positive brand associations and enjoying the Wahoo’s Fish Taco experience.

At its core, Zone Communications is a sophisticated, yet simple set of principals and practices, which, when applied correctly, raises awareness, builds positive brand impressions, and creates ongoing customer retention.

The hope is that when Zone Communications is applied at the Wahoo’s Fish Taco restaurants customers will continue to become the restaurant’s advocates, or “Raving Fans,” and continue to communicate relative brand messages to their network of friends and family.

Through the years, leading retailers have been participating in ongoing scientific studies across numerous retail environments using zone communications style tactics to understand the value of what works and what does not work for America’s leading companies in the business-to-consumer segment.

As of now, there are several Wahoo’s Fish Taco restaurants going through remodeling, and once the dust settles the


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