Blue C Unleashes Kawasaki Performance Inspired Sales and Consumer Marketing Programs for Kawasaki Teryx.

teryx11Jaunuary 19, 2008 (Newport Beach, CA) – Blue C Advertising announces its partnership with Kawasaki, one motorsports’ industry leaders to launch two marketing programs created specifically to engage the Kawasaki dealer network, dealer staff and consumers on a deeper emotional and rational level while increasing sales penetration of the 2009 Kawasaki Teryx® Recreation Utility Vehicle (RUV) product line.
The entire RUV market is quickly becoming one of the faster growing off-road vehicle segments as people discover the utility, fun and enormous capabilities of these vehicles. However, the challenge for RUV enthusiasts was they were not sure which Kawasaki Teryx® model is best built for their off-road lifestyle.

So, Kawasaki selected Blue C Advertising to define the various market segments for the Kawasaki Teryx® product line and create a campaign based on those findings to attract the right consumer with the right Teryx® model. The information used for the campaign was gathered from several primary and secondary research sources that included: competitive analysis, Kawasaki dealer and technical staff interviews, and a review of online user forums. In-person intercept studies with off-road RUV enthusiasts at Glen Helen, Championship Off-Road Racing (CORR), SCORE International, Lake Elsinore SXS Championships, were also among several other research initiatives used. The findings gave Blue C and Kawasaki laser-point understanding of who these RUV buyers are.

The three distinct Teryx® consumer groups are:

1) Those who are into hunting/fishing and desire a vehicle with maneuverability, usefulness, cargo capacity, and dependability

2) Consumers that use RUVs in the desert/dunes environment seek power, torque, suspension, stability, opportunity for options, and fashion.

3) The last consumer group is made up of people who use their RUVs on the mountain/trail. These consumers seek power, cargo capacity, traction, durability, and functionality.

The objectives of the marketing programs are two-fold: the first, to better equip the Kawasaki sales team with information about their customers and elevate the brand experience while hitting on customer triggers. These objectives also worked towards the overall goal of selling the right Teryx® vehicle model to the appropriate customer, and communicate a unique Teryx® message. This approach is part of the Blue C 360 degree ROI process of matching the right consumer, with the right message, at the right time.

Creative Director and Blue C Co-Founder, Jeff Bentley lead the Blue C Advertising design team in developing: a brand book, sales and consumer collateral, Kawasaki Teryx® on-premise brand positioning support POP, consumer promotional advertising in industry-specific publications, a direct mail program to establish sales leads from existing Kawasaki owners, and dealership sales marketing guides which includes brand books and initiative collateral.

Released in phases, the first phase launched at dealer shows in early October 2008, the second phase launched in the later part of fall 2008 for the dealer network, and the third phase in January 2009 for the consumer market. The consumer, and dealer marketing will continue throughout the remainder of the year.

About Blue C Advertising

Blue C Advertising is a progressive, full-service agency located in the historic Balboa Peninsula-area of Newport Beach, California. Known for providing creative integrated campaigns that have maximum reach, the agency’s work has empowered clients to acquire new customers, retain existing customers and optimize the lifetime value of their brands. For over 10 years, Blue C’s diverse portfolio has included clients in industries spanning automotive and recreational vehicle manufacturers, action sports and enthusiast products and services, travel and tourism, special events, gaming, healthcare, technology, consumer products and services, and business-to-business services. Blue C leads each of its clients in brand development and ROI initiatives that connect their company’s strategic messaging, traditional advertising, direct response, point-of-sale, sale promotions and comprehensive integrated marketing programs. To learn more about Blue C Advertising, call 949-723-9202 or visit


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