In a highly competitive marketplace, it is not enough to rely on traditional advertising strategies. At Blue C, we know it is very important to utilize out-of-the-box thinking and non-traditional marketing methods that can work to increase sales fast. Our 360° ROI Solutions are based on an integrated approach and are always tailored to your specific challenge or goal. Our agency was founded on the principles of building business through targeted programs such as promotion, direct response, event marketing, cultural infusion, and Web marketing while increasing and enhancing brand recognition.

Our solutions include:

Sales Promotion:
From national test-drive promotions to online sweepstakes and onsite contests, our experience in sales promotion is one of our key strengths. In this competitive market it is crucial to get promotions out to your potential customers quickly and within budget. We also create tools for your sales staff that complement the program and provide them with the information necessary to reinforce the message or offer at the customer level.

Web Marketing:
All of our solutions utilize a Web component, whether it is sales promotions or advertising campaigns. Unlike traditional methods we deliver unique and creative solutions to push your message to a targeted audience with powerful creative. All of our programs enlist some form of tracking to gain knowledge and give you a report of what works and what doesn’t.

Direct Response:
To deliver quick spikes in sales or get offers to customers fast, we have the capabilities to create traffic through high-impact targeted direct mail. We develop a program that is customized for your product of service. Utilizing targeted messaging and creative we have great success in redemption rates. We also handle the lists and mailing process to ensure turnkey process.

Unlike traditional methods, Blue C can create demand and awareness through a variety of outdoor media solutions and implement them quickly. From PumpTop TV and rolling billboards to interactive airport displays, we have the capabilities and creative to stop traffic and get your message read and retained.

Retail Marketing:
For most consumer-focused companies, the retail environment is where it all happens. From big-box store POP to national car and motorcycle dealership marketing, we can create a campaign that directs your audience from the parking lot to the cash register. Our programs not only connect with consumers but get the management and salespeople educated on the promotion as well. Our ultimate goal is to get consumers to purchase at the location AND go back to the Web to experience more about the brand.

Event Marketing and Cultural Infusion:
Driving traffic to an event is the goal of every marketer in this sector; however, providing them the optimal experience when they’re at the event is of equal importance. That’s why we focus on the culture of the event’s target audience and customize a marketing plan that speaks the language of the consumer, leading them to believe that the event is where they need to be. We build media and onsite strategies that work together to offer the target market the optimal experience.


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