Sawdust Art Festival: Creatively Fun

  • For Forty-two years the world renowned Sawdust Art Festival has entertained it’s community, supported it’s local artists, provided a venue for over 200 Exhibitors to display and sell art, and provided the opportunity to enjoy and experience the culture of Laguna Beach. The Laguna Beach locals have always taken part in the festival, but what about the surrounding communities? The Sawdust Art Festival decided in order to increase the attendance they needed to switch things up. That’s where Blue C comes in. Blue C was hired as the Agency of Record and hit the ground running. As an agency, we do not jump into a project with assumption; it is important to us that we do the correct research prior to execution. We realized the value and need to understand the Sawdust Art Festival as an event and organization before we began to develop the campaign so we executed and managed a research survey for both visitors and exhibitors. The results lead us to two different campaigns reaching audiences across Orange County and surrounding cities. One campaign targeting those who are familiar with the Sawdust Art Festival, and one campaign targeting those who may not know what the Festival has to offer. With the combination of well-planned media placement and carefully executed creative we hope to reach our goal of increasing attendance for this year’s Festival.

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